Mediation resolves disputes!

When Mediation the dispute jointly solved with the help of a neutral, competent conflict mediator, the mediator. A Mediator is an open, independent and neutral person who assists the parties in a dispute with each other in communicating about the conflict.

During joint discussions between the parties and the mediator, the conflicting parties must take an active stance in order to ensure that the parties ultimately reach a solution together. The mediator helps them with this. The starting point should be the willingness of the parties to cooperate voluntarily. In addition, confidentiality is also an essential key point, with the participants contractually establishing in advance that confidentiality is guaranteed.

Mediators come from all kinds of fields. An NMI Mediator is registered with the independent Dutch Mediation Institute and is trained in leading and supervising the mediation processes. The basic principles are the concepts of Professional Competence and Neutrality. NMI registered mediators stand for professionalism. The title NMI Mediator is protected and the NMI mediator works in accordance with the NMI code of conduct. In addition, a complaints procedure and an independent disciplinary law apply to them.

Why Mediation?
If a third party (think of a judge, for example) settles the dispute for the parties, the situation may arise that one winner and one loser comes out. This could mean a deterioration in the relationship between the parties.

This is different with Mediation. The aim is to keep parties talking to each other for as long as necessary until the parties have finally come to an agreement on their own. Instead of a winner-loser situation, a win-win situation occurs. In general, the parties can then resign themselves to the outcome of the dispute resolution and they may also be able to live in a better relationship with each other in the future. This is the strength and power of the dispute resolution through mediation!